Rainbow Six Siege bug makes Echo’s drones nearly invisible

Rainbow Six Siege bug makes Echo’s drones nearly invisible

Being one of the world’s most-played games, Rainbow Six Siege is undoubtedly a priority for Ubisoft, receiving plenty of hefty patches and a lot of support. Nonetheless, being an online game with a lot of moving parts, bugs and glitches will always seep in – and sometimes a patch designed to fix one thing will break something else, sometimes in unintentionally awesome ways.

The latest bug for Rainbow Six Siege is an Echo drone glitch which makes things a little unfair for the opposing team. Echo’s Yokai drones and mines are meant to cloak and be hard to spot for enemy players – but they’re not meant to be completely invisible, as there’s usually a Predator-style shimmer that gives them away.

This new bug, however, does indeed make them totally undetectable – and even when you know where they are, you can’t spot them. Even the person playing Echo – who set the drones in the first place and who can see an icon exactly where they placed them – can’t see them.

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