Gears of War 5, release date, new modes, same gritty carnage

Gears of War 5, release date, new modes, same gritty carnage

One of the big parts of the show featured Rod Ferguson Studio head at the Coalition announced a release date of September 10th for Gears of War 5.

Along with this information he announced many new things coming to the story of Gears, multiplayer, Horde mode and a new mode called Escape.

Escape is a 3-person squad based game where the team must infiltrate a hive base plant a bomb and escape. This was met with a CGI trailer showing some of what we could expect from this new mode.

Gears 5 – Official Escape Announcement Trailer | E3 2019

Destroy from within and escape with your lives in #GEARS5, launching September 10, 2019. Play four days early with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, playable on Xbox One and Windows 10.

July 17th there will be a technical test for multiplayer and other test for more modes coming soon.

Ferguson announced that with Deluxe edition pre-order you will receive 4-day early access to the game. Also players who play within the first week will receive the Terminator character pack.

Here is the trailer for Gears of War 5 that features Kait, struggling with her inner-decisions she has to make.

Gears 5 – E3 2019 – Kait, Broken

Bound by Blood. In Gears 5, play as Kait, a conflicted hero torn between her duty to her squad and a mysterious pull to her sworn enemy, the Swarm. Explore vast new worlds, face brutal new enemies, and uncover the dark secret hiding just below the surface of Sera and of Kait herself.


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  1. Can’t wait for September! Love gears, great game.

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